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Why science fiction posters?

What is it about science fiction that is so exciting to many? Many so-called experts want us to believe it's just pure escapism...a need to escape from the daily cares and worries of living in our busy world, that make many enjoy science fiction.  Some say it's the need to believe in more than we can have or do in our daily lives that compels us to fantasize about the worlds "out there." We like to believe that man is born with the spirit to explore the vast unknown and maybe the unknowable!  Science fiction allows us to imagine more than we can see and compels us to reach out and envision more than is currently possible. Some leading scientists at NASA have said many of our current technical achievements, including cell phones and computers, were inspired by popular SCIFI shows like Star Trek and the original Battlestar Galactica. Science fiction isn't just fun, it makes us look farther and farther into remote possibilities and say "what if?"





Why Science Fiction text written and Copyright 2008 by Richard Anderson.

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