ghost hunters, researchers and paranormal investigators

Many of these sites offer free help and/or display nice collections
of ghost photographs and paranormal voice recordings.


The Atlantic Paranormal Society
Big Bend Ghost Trackers
Canton Ohio Spirit Trackers
Center for Parapsychological Studies in Canada
Center for Psychotronic Studies and Investigations
The Connecticut Paranormal Research Society
Deadframe Paranormal Research Group
Ghost Chasers International
Ghost Hunters Of Southern Michigan
Ghost Hunters Of Southern Territories
The Ghost Investigators Society
Ghost P.A.R.T.I
Ghost Research Society
Ghost Research Society
Grimstone Inc. Paranormal Investigators
Haunted Hamilton
Insight Paranormal Investigations
ISIS Paranormal Investigations
Kentucky Area Paranormal Society
The Louisville Ghost Hunters Society
The International Ghost Hunters Society
Miller's Paranormal Research
National Paranormal Society
New Hampshire Ghost Hunters Society
New Jersey Paranormal Research
New York Ghost Chapter
Northern Michigan Ghost Hunters
Ghost Hunters Ohio Search Team
Ohio Paranormal Investigation Network
Paranormal Research and Discovery Team
The Ghost Hunter - Patrick Cross
Phoenix Paranormal Investigations
Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society
The Utah Ghost Hunters Society
West Michigan Ghost Hunters Society


TriField EMF Meter - A tool for ghost hunters.


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