vintage Halloween postcards
 ello and welcome to my collection of antique Halloween postcards!

I have been collecting vintage Halloween postcards for years and it just seemed natural to make them available as e-cards, so more people could enjoy them.

Most of these postcards were created between 1905 & 1915. They were printed in Germany, England and America. Many of the inks used are toxic because of their heavy metal content, but because of this, the colors are still vivid today.

I've included postcards by some of the greatest Halloween postcard artists and publishers of the time; E.C. Banks, Bernardt Wall, Tuck, Clapsaddle and several others. Although many of these postcards have survived the decades, it is getting increasingly difficult to find them in near-original condition.

Obviously Halloween was a very popular holiday during the beginning of the 20th century, probably even more so than today. During that period Halloween was celebrated more by adults than children, as they reveled in the mysteries and magic of the fall season. Most often these cards were used as invitations to highly anticipated parties. These parties had many wonderful games and activities such as bobbing for apples, fortune telling, and dancing, that are often beautifully depicted on the postcards.

dancing pumpkin man

Please feel free to look through the cards and if you like, you can send one as an e-card. For those of you who have never sent an e-card, easy to follow directions are provided on every e-card page.

I hope you enjoy these wonderful antique postcards from one of my favorite holidays!

sprites and jack o lanturn

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